Intra-axial hematoma – Psychology Wiki.

Intra-axial hematoma - Psychology Wiki

A or haemorrhage (or intra , ICH) is a subtype of intracranial that occurs within the brain tissue itself. Not to be confused with Spastic quadriplegia. Welcome to MedLink Neurology — the most comprehensive resource for neurology. See for yourself how valuable the leading neurology resource can be in your practice. Head injury refers to trauma of the head.

Intraparenchymal – wikidoc.

Intraparenchymal  - wikidoc

This may or may not include injury to the brain. Head Trauma . Head trauma is a common cause of childhood hospitilization. Intraparenchymal (IPH) is one of extension of intra (the other is intraventricular (IVH)) with bleeding within brain parenchyma.

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